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TV Stands

It would be fair to say that these days most of our living rooms are focused around our TVs. But a TV isnt the little box perched on the sideboard that is was 20 or 30 years ago. The modern family TV is a large flat screen, with sizes as big as 40 or even 50 inch not uncommon. Add onto this the fact that almost everyone will have a blu-ray player, a digital TV provider box, and more often than not one if not two games consoles, and the TV is quickly taking over our entire living room.

The only solution to the ever growing number of shiny black boxes in the corner is an innovatively designed TV stand.

The TV stands we sell combine beautiful modern design with great functionality to give you a piece of furniture that will help tidy up your living room and bring a touch of modern sophistication at the same time. Our TV stands are strong enough to hold even the largest modern flat screen LCD and plasma TVs, and come with enough storage space to store your blu-ray player, sky or virgin box and games console. And if a TV specific stand doesn't take your fancy why not take a look at our full range of living room furniture to see if a traditional sideboard is more your style.

Solve the challenge of displaying your flat screen TV today.