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The Abreo Home Furniture Guide to the Coffee Table Comeback!

The Abreo Home Furniture Guide to the Coffee Table Comeback!

Here at Abreo Home Furniture we spend a good part of our time exploring new furniture trends and styles to ensure we provide you our lovely customer with the most relevant and up to date models of furniture. So often we get to witness the rise and demise of many types of furniture, this can be simple things such as colour or the material that the furniture is made from or the more complex trends such as the style and size of the furniture and it can even be that whole types of furniture are just no longer popular in today’s modern age. Who remembers when people used to buy telephone seats for their hall?

One trend that we have noticed here at Abreo Home Furniture is the rise of the coffee table once again.

The coffee table was a victim of the mid 2000’s de-cluttering craze were anything that could be done away with in your home ended up at the local recycling location (known as the tip in those days). Since then we have seen a steady increase year on year for sales of coffee tables.

There is lots of speculation about the reason for this rise in popularity for the humble coffee table, ranging from the UK’s increasing love of coffee, the increase in size and popularity of smartphones meaning owners don’t want to keep them out of sight in their pocket when watching Netflix. After all who wouldn’t want a stylish coffee table to rest their stylish smartphone on?.

We have also seen a change in the design of coffee tables, tables now feature slick lines and maintenance free finishes to allow easy cleaning of any drink spillages. Some coffee tables now feature storage to stop the coffee table being a source of clutter in the home and allow you to keep certain essentials such as remote controls or coasters out of sight when not in use.

Noticing this increasing popularity for coffee tables we here at Abreo home furniture have created a coffee table collection, with something for every taste. We have varying shapes and sizes and some with that extra needed storage.

Circular Scandinavian style coffee table.

This circular style table is very on trend and lends itself well to a modern home and features solid wooden legs.

Circular Coffee Table

Rectangular Scandinavian style Coffee Table

The coffee tables rectangular shape allows it to be used in tighter spaces and leave access to walk by, again this table is full of quality having legs made of solid wood.


Double Section Storage Coffee Table

A coffee table with storage options is high on many peoples requirements list, this unit can be used as a coffee table offering a storage solution or as a TV bench if you like open access to your electrical goodies. With this Abreo coffee tables stunning looks and added practicality and as always extremely affordable price. We have seen this model of coffee table flying off the shelf and no wonder!.

Abreo Coffee Table

Scandinavian Style Nest Tables

A set of coffee tables that answers so many problems in the home. You want a coffee table but don’t have the room for anything large or You have a big living room and a normal sized coffee table just won’t be big enough for everyone to use. This Abreo nest of tables is not only perfectly on trend with its Scandinavian style inspiration. It can be also used in a multitude of combinations and even discreetly hidden if not needed at the time. This set of coffee tables tricks surely makes at winner for that designer look.

ATR 67

With so many choices and all at such great prices it’s going to be hard to pick a winner, so we will leave that up to you. Please let us know what you think about the Abreo Home Furniture coffee table range and let us know which is your favourite in the comments section.

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