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Computer Desk Buying Guide From Abreo

Abreo Home Furniture Guide to Home Office Computer Desks

We are fast approaching the start of the School and University year and here at Abreo Home furniture we thought we would help walk you through our guide to choosing your perfect home office computer desk.

In the following post we are going to discuss all the considerations you need to think about before you choose your perfect computer desk design. We hope you find this blog useful and helps you choose the right computer desk for you. We will even help point you in the right direction to other useful links to help you choose the best home computer desk just for you.

ABREO COMPUTER DESKComputer Desk Considerations

There are several considerations you need to look at before deciding where to place your computer desk and which desk design you need, in this section we will discuss some of those issues to ensure you are in the know when it comes to buying your perfect computer desk.

Space - Firstly and most importantly when you consider exactly where you want your desk to go in your home, maybe it is an office you are setting up or even under the stairs or an alcove somewhere out of the way. The major factor in this decision is the amount of space you have available in your home and the shape of the area you are planning to have your computer desk.

WHITE COMPUTER DESK ABREOLighting - Another important factor to consider is lighting, ideally you will want to place your desk in an area that receives natural light, this can be from a window or skylight. Lighting levels are very important to allow you to work in comfort at your desk without straining your eyes. You may consider the use of artificial lighting, such as a desk lamp. If you are considering using a desk lamp you will need to ensure your computer desk has enough room to fit your computer or laptop and a desk lamp comfortably at the same time.

Power - Electrical points are very important when considering where to place your computer desk, its not just your computer or laptop that requires power, you will find the more you use your computer desk the more electrical gadgets you will need. These can range from extra monitors, Wi-Fi routers, printers, USB hubs a desk lamp or even a fan or heater during seasonal changes. You may consider using electrical extension leads but please be aware that these can become tripping hazards and ideally their use is best avoided.

Temperature - Heating is extremely important factor to consider before deciding where to place your desk, you will be using your chosen computer desk throughout the seasons and the temperature will fluctuate. Ideally your desk will be away from drafts and not directly next to radiators, which can become overbearing after a long period of time. If you can not find an area with a constant temperature, you can always invest in a small heater or fan, again this will increase your need for electrical points near your desk.

Wi-Fi - Most laptops and computers these days use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, it always a good idea to take your laptop or computer to the area you are considering to place your computer desk and try and connect it via Wi-Fi to your router. This will ensure you are able to work online from your brand new desk. If you are having signal issues it is possible to rectify them with the use of Wi-Fi extenders or boosters.

Noise – An often overlooked consideration when considering where to place your computer desk is noise. Its so important to ensure your work-space is located in an area which is quiet enough to allow uninterrupted work during the hours you are planning to use it. There would be nothing worse than setting up your computer desk and then being able to use it as often as you would like. Often the best place is upstairs in properties and often towards the back of your property away from main roads and living rooms downstairs. Safe Noise levels and noise reduction advice can be found here.

Type of Computer – The size of your computer or laptop is a major consideration when considering which computer desk to purchase, it is always a good idea to measure your laptop, tablet or pc to ensure it will fit on your chose computer desk design. If you have a popular model of laptop or computer such as Apple, you can always visit their website and find the dimensions listed for your model.

Storage – Depending how much storage you need from your desk will have a big effect on the design you choose. Different designs of desk have several different storage options and can offer benefits over other designs. It may be that you prefer a minimalist style and plan to store your files and papers away from your desk, to ensure you can work in an uncluttered environment.WHITE PC DESK

We hope you have found our guide to choosing the perfect computer desk useful and if there are other considerations you think we may have missed out, or which you find important to you please let us know in the comment section below.

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