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Abreo Home Furniture Seems Really Cheap…

You may be thinking to yourself whilst browsing the www.abreo.co.uk website, that the price of our furniture seems far too cheap for the quality of the furniture you get in return for your hard earned pound. So you are now thinking what is the catch, it seems too good to be true? Let me tell you, there is no catch and I will explain why.

Abreo home furniture originally started off life as a wholesale supplier of home interior furniture and rattan garden furniture to large high street furniture retailers. We would source furniture from the far east whilst working directly with our manufacturers to create furniture which we knew would be popular back here in the UK. We would import our furniture after ensuring that the quality of the items was excellent and had passed our strict quality controls. To get this process right takes time and experience and we developed these skills over a number of years to ensure that any items of furniture delivered to our high street partners was of an exceptional quality and on trend with the Great British public's latest tastes.

Scandinavian FurnitureOur then customers the high street shops would purchase that furniture directly from us, place the products in their showroom and add lots of money to the price of each item to pay for fancy marketing and TV adverts. At this point we had no contact from our true customers you the person in the street, which would have enabled us to make our furniture quality even better and listen to any feedback you had, it also meant that you paid a lot more money for Abreo home furniture than you actually needed to.

With the huge increase in e-commerce shopping and with more customers being able to find us online and asking to purchase our home furniture direct. We decided things needed to change and we needed to listen to our true customers. We decided to launch our own home furniture website online that specialises in supplying home furniture directly to the public. Only now we sell our products at wholesale prices directly to the public cutting out the huge retailer profit that you would have had to pay if you hadn’t come directly to us.

Black TV StandNow you notice we don’t have TV adverts or fancy brochures but what we do have is years of experience ensuring our home furniture is made just right you , whilst working with our manufacturers to ensure you receive fantastic quality furniture at unbelievably cheap prices. We are in the perfect position to offer you fantastic customer service, our staff deals with and users Abreo furniture on a daily basis and knows each furniture piece inside out. Allowing our team to provide you with the best solutions or answers you need about Abreo home furniture.

So not only are you getting high quality furniture at unbelievably cheap Furniture prices you are also getting great customer service and all of this with definitely no catch.

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