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  • Abreo Nest Table Facebook Competition Winner

    We recently ran a giveaway competition over on our Facebook page which you can find here.

    We gave away a set of our very chic Scandinavian style nest tables to any of our fans who liked or shared our Facebook competition post and we had a fantastic response from everyone involved.

    We are delighted to announce that Hazel Cockill was selected at random as our competition winner.

    We had such a fantastic response from Hazel when we contacted her to announce she had won, it made the competition even more of a success for us and we couldn't wait to send the set of nest tables to Hazel so she could add them to her home.

    Hazel told us she has “2 special needs children which she educates from home and I don't get out much” so she was delighted to receive a little treat, which we think is very much well earned!. We are delighted to show you a picture courtesy of Hazel herself of the actual nest tables in her home and we think they look rather chic and are a great addition to her home.14137949_252633948464285_882190465_n

    Congratulations again to Hazel from everyone in the Abreo Home Furniture team and we hope you and your family enjoy many years use from your Abreo nest table set.

  • The Abreo Home Furniture Guide to the Coffee Table Comeback!

    The Abreo Home Furniture Guide to the Coffee Table Comeback!

    Here at Abreo Home Furniture we spend a good part of our time exploring new furniture trends and styles to ensure we provide you our lovely customer with the most relevant and up to date models of furniture. So often we get to witness the rise and demise of many types of furniture, this can be simple things such as colour or the material that the furniture is made from or the more complex trends such as the style and size of the furniture and it can even be that whole types of furniture are just no longer popular in today’s modern age. Who remembers when people used to buy telephone seats for their hall?

    One trend that we have noticed here at Abreo Home Furniture is the rise of the coffee table once again.

    The coffee table was a victim of the mid 2000’s de-cluttering craze were anything that could be done away with in your home ended up at the local recycling location (known as the tip in those days). Since then we have seen a steady increase year on year for sales of coffee tables.

    There is lots of speculation about the reason for this rise in popularity for the humble coffee table, ranging from the UK’s increasing love of coffee, the increase in size and popularity of smartphones meaning owners don’t want to keep them out of sight in their pocket when watching Netflix. After all who wouldn’t want a stylish coffee table to rest their stylish smartphone on?.

    We have also seen a change in the design of coffee tables, tables now feature slick lines and maintenance free finishes to allow easy cleaning of any drink spillages. Some coffee tables now feature storage to stop the coffee table being a source of clutter in the home and allow you to keep certain essentials such as remote controls or coasters out of sight when not in use.

    Noticing this increasing popularity for coffee tables we here at Abreo home furniture have created a coffee table collection, with something for every taste. We have varying shapes and sizes and some with that extra needed storage.

    Circular Scandinavian style coffee table.

    This circular style table is very on trend and lends itself well to a modern home and features solid wooden legs.

    Circular Coffee Table

    Rectangular Scandinavian style Coffee Table

    The coffee tables rectangular shape allows it to be used in tighter spaces and leave access to walk by, again this table is full of quality having legs made of solid wood.


    Double Section Storage Coffee Table

    A coffee table with storage options is high on many peoples requirements list, this unit can be used as a coffee table offering a storage solution or as a TV bench if you like open access to your electrical goodies. With this Abreo coffee tables stunning looks and added practicality and as always extremely affordable price. We have seen this model of coffee table flying off the shelf and no wonder!.

    Abreo Coffee Table

    Scandinavian Style Nest Tables

    A set of coffee tables that answers so many problems in the home. You want a coffee table but don’t have the room for anything large or You have a big living room and a normal sized coffee table just won’t be big enough for everyone to use. This Abreo nest of tables is not only perfectly on trend with its Scandinavian style inspiration. It can be also used in a multitude of combinations and even discreetly hidden if not needed at the time. This set of coffee tables tricks surely makes at winner for that designer look.

    ATR 67

    With so many choices and all at such great prices it’s going to be hard to pick a winner, so we will leave that up to you. Please let us know what you think about the Abreo Home Furniture coffee table range and let us know which is your favourite in the comments section.

  • Computer Desk Buying Guide From Abreo

    Abreo Home Furniture Guide to Home Office Computer Desks

    We are fast approaching the start of the School and University year and here at Abreo Home furniture we thought we would help walk you through our guide to choosing your perfect home office computer desk.

    In the following post we are going to discuss all the considerations you need to think about before you choose your perfect computer desk design. We hope you find this blog useful and helps you choose the right computer desk for you. We will even help point you in the right direction to other useful links to help you choose the best home computer desk just for you.

    ABREO COMPUTER DESKComputer Desk Considerations

    There are several considerations you need to look at before deciding where to place your computer desk and which desk design you need, in this section we will discuss some of those issues to ensure you are in the know when it comes to buying your perfect computer desk.

    Space - Firstly and most importantly when you consider exactly where you want your desk to go in your home, maybe it is an office you are setting up or even under the stairs or an alcove somewhere out of the way. The major factor in this decision is the amount of space you have available in your home and the shape of the area you are planning to have your computer desk.

    WHITE COMPUTER DESK ABREOLighting - Another important factor to consider is lighting, ideally you will want to place your desk in an area that receives natural light, this can be from a window or skylight. Lighting levels are very important to allow you to work in comfort at your desk without straining your eyes. You may consider the use of artificial lighting, such as a desk lamp. If you are considering using a desk lamp you will need to ensure your computer desk has enough room to fit your computer or laptop and a desk lamp comfortably at the same time.

    Power - Electrical points are very important when considering where to place your computer desk, its not just your computer or laptop that requires power, you will find the more you use your computer desk the more electrical gadgets you will need. These can range from extra monitors, Wi-Fi routers, printers, USB hubs a desk lamp or even a fan or heater during seasonal changes. You may consider using electrical extension leads but please be aware that these can become tripping hazards and ideally their use is best avoided.

    Temperature - Heating is extremely important factor to consider before deciding where to place your desk, you will be using your chosen computer desk throughout the seasons and the temperature will fluctuate. Ideally your desk will be away from drafts and not directly next to radiators, which can become overbearing after a long period of time. If you can not find an area with a constant temperature, you can always invest in a small heater or fan, again this will increase your need for electrical points near your desk.

    Wi-Fi - Most laptops and computers these days use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, it always a good idea to take your laptop or computer to the area you are considering to place your computer desk and try and connect it via Wi-Fi to your router. This will ensure you are able to work online from your brand new desk. If you are having signal issues it is possible to rectify them with the use of Wi-Fi extenders or boosters.

    Noise – An often overlooked consideration when considering where to place your computer desk is noise. Its so important to ensure your work-space is located in an area which is quiet enough to allow uninterrupted work during the hours you are planning to use it. There would be nothing worse than setting up your computer desk and then being able to use it as often as you would like. Often the best place is upstairs in properties and often towards the back of your property away from main roads and living rooms downstairs. Safe Noise levels and noise reduction advice can be found here.

    Type of Computer – The size of your computer or laptop is a major consideration when considering which computer desk to purchase, it is always a good idea to measure your laptop, tablet or pc to ensure it will fit on your chose computer desk design. If you have a popular model of laptop or computer such as Apple, you can always visit their website and find the dimensions listed for your model.

    Storage – Depending how much storage you need from your desk will have a big effect on the design you choose. Different designs of desk have several different storage options and can offer benefits over other designs. It may be that you prefer a minimalist style and plan to store your files and papers away from your desk, to ensure you can work in an uncluttered environment.WHITE PC DESK

    We hope you have found our guide to choosing the perfect computer desk useful and if there are other considerations you think we may have missed out, or which you find important to you please let us know in the comment section below.

  • Abreo Home Furniture Seems Really Cheap…

    You may be thinking to yourself whilst browsing the www.abreo.co.uk website, that the price of our furniture seems far too cheap for the quality of the furniture you get in return for your hard earned pound. So you are now thinking what is the catch, it seems too good to be true? Let me tell you, there is no catch and I will explain why.

    Abreo home furniture originally started off life as a wholesale supplier of home interior furniture and rattan garden furniture to large high street furniture retailers. We would source furniture from the far east whilst working directly with our manufacturers to create furniture which we knew would be popular back here in the UK. We would import our furniture after ensuring that the quality of the items was excellent and had passed our strict quality controls. To get this process right takes time and experience and we developed these skills over a number of years to ensure that any items of furniture delivered to our high street partners was of an exceptional quality and on trend with the Great British public's latest tastes.

    Scandinavian FurnitureOur then customers the high street shops would purchase that furniture directly from us, place the products in their showroom and add lots of money to the price of each item to pay for fancy marketing and TV adverts. At this point we had no contact from our true customers you the person in the street, which would have enabled us to make our furniture quality even better and listen to any feedback you had, it also meant that you paid a lot more money for Abreo home furniture than you actually needed to.

    With the huge increase in e-commerce shopping and with more customers being able to find us online and asking to purchase our home furniture direct. We decided things needed to change and we needed to listen to our true customers. We decided to launch our own home furniture website online that specialises in supplying home furniture directly to the public. Only now we sell our products at wholesale prices directly to the public cutting out the huge retailer profit that you would have had to pay if you hadn’t come directly to us.

    Black TV StandNow you notice we don’t have TV adverts or fancy brochures but what we do have is years of experience ensuring our home furniture is made just right you , whilst working with our manufacturers to ensure you receive fantastic quality furniture at unbelievably cheap prices. We are in the perfect position to offer you fantastic customer service, our staff deals with and users Abreo furniture on a daily basis and knows each furniture piece inside out. Allowing our team to provide you with the best solutions or answers you need about Abreo home furniture.

    So not only are you getting high quality furniture at unbelievably cheap Furniture prices you are also getting great customer service and all of this with definitely no catch.

  • Abreo Facebook Competition 18/08/2016


    In entering the Abreo Furniture Facebook competition you are agreeing with and agreeing to abide with the following terms and conditions.

    This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. By participating you hereby release and hold harmless Facebook from any and all liability associated with this promotion.

    1. To enter a competition you must be:
    (a) UK resident; and
    (b) 18 years old or over at the time of entry.

    2. No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are not received for any reason.

    3. The winner will be selected at random

    4. The closing date is midnight Monday 22nd August 2016.

    5. If you win a competition, we will notify you via Facebook. If we cannot contact you or you do not respond within two weeks, we reserve the right to offer the prize to another competition entrant.

    6. The prize cannot be transferable to another person.

    7. No prize or part of a prize is exchangeable for cash.

    8. If an advertised prize is not available, we reserve the right to offer an alternative prize.

    9. Once the winner has accepted their prize the winner will be announced publicly on the Abreo Furniture Facebook page.


  • The Abreo Home Furniture Guide to Scandinavian Style Furniture

    As you will know from any recent trip to any high street, shopping centre or home exhibition within the UK. There has been a massive increase in the trend for Scandinavian style furniture for your home. The obvious increase in people wanting the coveted Scandinavian look is without question because the Scandinavian style of home furniture is not only extremely practical it actually makes any home space look fantastic.

    You will also have noticed when looking at Scandinavian inspired furniture in any of the high street stores that the cost of this new trendy furniture is expensive… well fear not as Abreo Home Furniture has managed to create a collection of Scandinavian inspired furniture that will not only make any home space look amazing but is also available at a really affordable price.


    Scandinavian style Dining Table

    Our selection of Scandinavian style dining tables have been carefully designed to give you that clean modern furniture look whilst also being practical, they are easily wiped down with a damp cloth and have solid wooden legs to help withstand any bumps or knocks from any children or pets. Which makes the Abreo Home Furniture dining tables and dining sets more of an investment than a purchase.ATR 62


    Scandinavian Style Dining Chairs

    The Abreo Home furniture collection of dining chairs currently has two very chic option we have the modern classic design again with wooden legs, which are very minimalist in style and we also have the Charles Eamess inspired colourful chairs, these also have wooden legs to ensure they are very practical as well as offering the designer look so many want.Dining Chairs


    Scandinavian Style Coffee Tables

    We have created a great choice of Scandinavian style coffee tables, to give you a flexible choice of size and design. Whether you want to choose a simple and clean circular or rectangular design for a sleek look or you want to go for something with a bit of storage. Again at Abreo Home Furniture we have given you the options you need at really affordable prices.

    Coffee Table


    Scandinavian Style Nest Tables

    For those of you who like something a little bit different and really like to be part of the latest home interior trend, then we have this season’s hottest selection for you right here. Nest tables are where it is at this season and Abreo Home Furniture has come up with the goods once again for you fashionable trendsetters. We present to you our Scandinavian inspired nest tables in all their glory. Definitely this seasons must have purchase.

    Nest Tables


    Scandinavian Style TV Unit

    One part of the house which is very easy to upgrade and improve the look of is the homes TV Stand it’s a little thought about piece of home furniture. Which is generally only bought on its ability to store all manner of electrical equipment, such as DVD players and Sky box. This doesn’t have to be the case and here at Abreo Home furniture we have a fantastic solution for you, not only will hold all your usual electrical gadgets it will also add a much needed touch of style and design to your home and all this for a really affordable price.

      Scandinavian TV Stand


    Scandinavian Style Sideboard

    Here at Abreo Home Furniture we like to keep everything organised to ensure all of our items reach our lovely customers on time. So we are really serious when it comes to good organisation and our next item of furniture can help you in that department. Our Scandinavian sideboard is not only a stunning investment for your home, it also helps you keep all those little items that you want stored away out of sight.

    Scandinavian Sideboard

    Hopefully you will have found that our guide to Scandinavian furniture helpful and will help you transform your own home into a little piece of Scandinavia.

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